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The Last Course by Claudia Fleming (Report Thread)


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The Last Course by Claudia Fleming (Report Thread)

JoanN | Apr 27, 2009 05:45 AM

There are many different threads that reference this book, but none that consolidates people’s reports on the recipes, so I thought I’d start one in the hope that others who have cooked from this book will jump in here. I know quite a few people have made and loved the Guinness Stout Ginger Cake. What else have you made and loved from this book?

I just acquired it recently and tried my first recipe (well, two, actually) for a party this past weekend.

Chocolate Brownie Cookies (page 229)

Someone, somewhere, had recommended these highly. It really is a brownie in cookie form with mini chocolate chips in it. Easy and terrific, although I made them much larger than she recommends (not on purpose; my “heaping teaspoonfuls” were just too heaping). One of her serving suggestions is to make ice-cream sandwiches with them and that sounded like a fun idea for a party so I did that.

Milk Chocolate Malted Ice Cream

Her ice cream recipes call for a dozen egg yolks and I had told myself I just wouldn’t do that. But something possessed me as I was separating the eggs and I did. This recipe has both extra-bittersweet and milk chocolate and contains original (not chocolate-flavored) Ovaltine. Unfortunately, I overcooked the custard and it began to separate. I whisked it, then put it through a strainer, and it froze well but the texture wasn’t as wonderfully creamy as it should have been. Doubt any of my guests noticed, though, since the flavor was good and the combination of dense chocolate and malted milk was just perfect. The ice cream sandwiches were a real hit. Everyone thought they were fun and got quite a kick out them.

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