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Clam Chowders--thick or thin??


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Clam Chowders--thick or thin??

e.d. | Mar 20, 2002 08:26 AM

Having grown up on the West Coast, my idea of clam chowder is that it is a very thick, creamy soup--definitely thicker than a standard cream soup. Some varieties can be so thick I have have jokingly called them clam gravy. In Oregon, the old seafood house (now unfortunately a small chain) called Mo's served a chowder so thick that it always came (comes?) with a pat of butter on top, as if you'd need a knife to cut it without the butter. Maybe only two or three times have I had west coast chowder that wasn't very thick. And a tomato based, Manhattan style chowder is even rarer and would have to be identified as such on a menu, or a riot would ensue. But a recent visitor to a California location identified what I had always considered at most a moderately thick chowder as "thick-and-gloppy" which leads me to believe that some places in the U.S. they must serve thin and runny chowders. Is this true?

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