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Ciao Bella sorbet quick report and question


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Ciao Bella sorbet quick report and question

Carb Lover | May 2, 2006 09:11 PM

Since I've taken a temporary hiatus from making ice cream at home, I've been stalking the ice cream section at my market. They've gotten some new items in, including a small selection from Ciao Bella (see link). I think they carry mostly sorbets, but there may be a few basic gelato flavors mixed in. Cost is about $4.75 for a pint.

So far, I've tried the Blood Orange and Lemon sorbetti. I liked the blood orange instantly. Texture was juicy and suave and flavor was of deep blood orange w/ nice balance between tart and bitter edge. Pure addiction in a pint...I think I finished in two seatings. Right up there w/ homemade sorbet.

Unfortunately, I didn't find the lemon (limone) to be as successful. Texture was more brittle and icy and the flavor was first I simply thought it was too tart, but as the flavor developed, I realized that I thought it was too SALTY! Just didn't work for me. I'm afraid that lemon doesn't have enough fruit pulp or body to make a silky sorbet.

Has anyone tried the mango sorbet or other Ciao Bella commercial pints? Thoughts and tasting notes appreciated. Can't wait for great summer fruit to make my own!


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