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Is Chowhound's original manifesto still relevant? Did you even know it existed?

Mr Taster | Jan 16, 201410:25 AM

Chowhound founder Jim Leff originated this site with a wonderful splash screen outlining exactly what Chowhound was, and why it was created.

At the time (late 90s-early aughts), the so-called "foodie" revolution had not happened. Chowhound was a relatively small, intrepid band of curious food enthusiasts trying to figure out where the best food could be found. No media was paying attention to us.

After the corporate takeover of Chowhound in 2006, the Manifesto was removed from the opening page of chowhound, neutered, and eventually relegated to a far corner of the site.

So, my questions to you, both old and new members, are:

How does Jim Leff's manifesto reflect or fit your current understanding of the Chowhound website?

Did you know the manifesto existed?

If you were previously unaware of the manifesto, does this change your understanding and interpretation of what the site is all about?

Is the manifesto still relevant?

Please state how long you've been contributing to this site so we have a sense of where you fit in Chowhound's timeline.

Mr Taster
since ~2001

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