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A chowhound married to a picky eater . . . divorce? ;-)


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A chowhound married to a picky eater . . . divorce? ;-)

danhole | Mar 14, 2007 01:49 PM

I love food and I am willing to try anything once. I may not eat it again but I'm game. Japanese, Greek, Mexican, French, Chinese, Thai, Hungarian, and the list of cuisines I like goes on and on. I was raised in a home with german, hungarian, jewish items mixed in with good old depression type food. And we lived up north.

My spouse was raised to eat only what he wanted to eat (he was a sickly baby) so he likes hot dogs, steak and potatoes, fried chicken, pizza, and bologna sandwiches. There's more he likes but the list of what he won't eat far outweighs any list of what he will eat. The only veggies are corn, celery and potatoes. The only fruits are oranges or grapes. He will eat a bit of iceberg lettuce, but just a couple bites.

I am frustrated! We are in Houston, Tx and there are so many great restaurants, but I have to check the menus before we go to make sure there will be something he eats. Do you know how many places that shuts down? About 75%! And taking him to a chinese buffet is a waste of money. He eats the fries, wings, and the crunchy noodles that you should put on top of soup.

I want to eat fine food - what do I do? I am so bored with this food arrangement we have!

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