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Will Chowhound ever be a major player in food reviews and discussion

hairylegshoolihan | Mar 29, 201509:40 AM     225

The reason I bring this up is because about the only non-professionals I trust for restaurant information are the "'hounds" on this site.

Sites like Yelp and Tripadvisor (although I am a big TA contributor and user, their food rankings are absurd, at least for Austin) are notorious for being packed with rankings by folks who have a vested interest in the business, at least for Yelp. The last I heard, Yelp does not allow rebuttals from restaurant owners and at least TA allows that.

What I find, though, as I travel around is that CH is virtually unknown in the travel and restaurant world, while TA and Yelp are known to almost everyone, those in the trade and just active, interested lay posters and reviewers. Folks, especially the hoteliers, clamor for a good ranking on TA. Some folks are intimidated by TA and openly advertise their despite for TA members.

The question here, though, is why isn't CH better known and why don't the folks who run it take necessary steps to make it more visible and, possibly, influential? I feel like, generally speaking, we have a very intelligent, informed and sophisticated membership that should be bringing more influence to bear on the community than we are.

Thanks in advance for reading my drivel and more so for your replies.

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