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Chowhound Gatherings: a do and don't list

givemecarbs | Jan 24, 201011:55 AM

He he I hate do and don't lists but I thought the title was more eye grabbing than Some General Thoughts.
1. Do use your chowhound handles. It makes things ever so much more fun than politely falling back on real life names. It feels more like a secret society.
2. Do be patient. It took us awhile (and a lot of emailing back and forth) to pick a date. And then heavy snow was predicted so the meeting was canceled.
3 Do start having fun and setting the tone right away in the organizing emails. Our group ended up at an Asian food court and supermarket and there were silly jokes about Pho in the Snow.
4. Do have a second gathering. The ice has been broken, people are even more at ease, everything just flows and is even more fun.
5. Do have a way to find each other. Our group had a chef or two, and one of these great guys wore his huge toque. The setting was casual so I when I saw him in his toque I couldn't resist barking at him. But I kept it soft. :)
6. Do relax and have fun. This one sounds trite, but remember that you are among kindred spirits and it is okay to go on and on about food glorious food! I even got a killer chicken salad recipe and some advice on cooking beets.
7. I guess I need one Don't here. So, don't forget to keep in touch on the boards. Once you've met the people in real life it makes it even more fun to respond to their posts and get those recipes via emails.
So what are some other general suggestions or err Do and Don'ts other hounds have?

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