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A Chowhound trying to cook in a "Bachelor's Kitchen"


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A Chowhound trying to cook in a "Bachelor's Kitchen"

gryphonskeeper | Aug 4, 2010 09:43 PM

I met a very nice man, and decided I would make him dinner at his house. But there arose a problem, this man had a decrepit frying pan, and a toaster.... thats it.

I stood there, all the ingredients I need to make him a wonderful dinner, and he did not even have a tin foil baking dish, or a saucepan! Don't even ask if he has a wisk, He has 4 forks and a plastic spoon for coffee that he probably got with his last dunkin donuts cup! Oh and for spices, he has a salt shaker.

yeah.. see the picture? I made what I could under the circumstances, and the next time I made him dinner I brought half my kitchen... lol

Tell me Chowhounds, Is this how all bachelors live? One frying pan and a salt shaker? (BTW he is 40 and never married)

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