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Has Chowhound changed you?

Bobfrmia | Jun 1, 200806:09 PM

I was reading the thread on parboiling ribs, and noting the passion that people show when they perceive they are being told they are doing something wrong.
While most times nobody actually says " you're wrong", the idea that the way you've always done something, isn't the best way to do it, evokes some interesting remarks.
Anyway, it happened to me years ago with a thread on Margaritas. When asked for a recipe I posted what I always thought a good one. Someone posted back that it was crap.
After my initial feeling of "up yours" wore off, I thought, ok, I'll try it your way.
I found that I'd been drinking crap.
It opened me up to, well, being open.
I have found a better Margarita, A better way to make burgers, better cheeses, just changed a lot about how I think about food and drink.
I thought I'd check with all of you. Anything that has changed the way you do things for the better? Anything that you eat now, you never thought you would?
Does Chowhound make a difference?

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