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Is Chowhound Board Useful or Useless? [Moved from Quebec board]

MikeforFood | Apr 5, 200801:07 PM

I've been trying to use this board for a year to get information about restaurants in Montreal mainly. Maybe I just haven't found the magic link that brings me to a well-organized area with all its reviews, but I have looked. So if its there, please point me to it. If it isn't, then I have some suggestions for the moderators- if in fact there are any moderators.

First off let give you all the observation that compared to other message boards, this one lack everything but the most basic organization which is not at all sufficient. The main purpose of this board should be to allow for the sharing of reviews of restaurants based on actual experience. However, the only way to find a review is to search through mountains of threads which are completely disorganized with all kinds of comments which often digress from the initial point of the thread. In addition, most threads are questions from people for recommendations of one kind or another. These threads then contain recommendations about the same 20 restaurants from the same 10 members most of the time. Occassionally it turns into a debate about weather Au Pied du Cochon is better than the AnyOther Restaurant. There are then lots of other threads about where to find fish, beans, or condiments or whatever.

Now I maybe completely offbase here, but what I want to find is useful reviews of restaurants. I don't mind all the other chatter but why can't Chowhound be organized like other message boards where you have sections for reviews separated from sections for inquiries and other sections for discussions. Within each of these sections they are broken down into further subsections. For example, the reviews sections could be broken into subsections for types of cuisine, location, or whatever makes sense. This not only makes it easier to find the reviews, with appropriate moderation it also encourages people to post reviews or updates to reviews.

So that's my rant for now. Hopefully someone can tell me it all exists and I'm just hopelessly lost on this board.

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