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Would you consider me a chowhound if...


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Would you consider me a chowhound if...

tapas gal | Apr 15, 2009 08:51 AM

So my friends and I were talking the other day and it got me thinking about what the general consensus is on the definition of a "foodie" or a "hound".

I would consider myself an foodie however I have a long list of things in the "protein" area that I absolutely will NOT eat. I cannot and will not eat any type of organ, tripe, brains, veins, gristle, fat, skin, marrow... you get the picture. However I love eating mussels, clams and raw oysters...hmmm... But when it comes to the meat department I am a dissecting fiend. You should see me eat a buffalo chicken wing!

So, am I mislabeling myself? I love going to "foodie" restaurants (cannot stand chains) and certainly don't order the tamest thing on the menu... but I will never change my tune on eating those things mentioned above.

just curious for comments and similar stories!!

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