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Chowdown: Sigoljip Korean BBQ and Real Ice Cream (Santa Clara)


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Chowdown: Sigoljip Korean BBQ and Real Ice Cream (Santa Clara)

Melanie Wong | Apr 27, 2007 10:29 AM

Last night ten chowhounds gathered at Sigoljip for a tour of Korean cooking styles and a fun evening at the table. Portions are enormous, and even though the server encouraged us to order more, we had more than enough to go ‘round with the following dishes (with menu descriptions and prices).

Yook Hwe, $15.95 – Raw beef with special sauce
Gool Jun, $13.95 – Oyster with fried green onion in batter
Gool Bo Sam, $17.95 – Fresh (raw) oyster with steamed pork and lettuce
Duck bok ki, $10.95 – Rice cake with hot sauce
Dae ji bul go kee, $11.95 – Korean barbecued pork
Kal bi, $18.95 x 2 – Korean barbecued short ribs
Heok yum so jun gol, $30.95 – Black goat in hot soup
Goon man doo, complimentary x 2 – Baked won ton

These came with steamed rice and a selection of panchan, a couple orders of baked mandu on the house, sweet rice water, and melon chewing gum with the bill. I’ll ask the participants to post their opinions and favorites.

Service was swift and efficient. The dishes arrived at the table in record time in seemingly one fell swoop and required some juggling to fit everything, including the burner with the bubbling goat soup. Panchan were refilled when requested.

My top pick on the table was the yook hwe, raw beef salad with slivers of Asian pear. Served semi-frozen, the beef was coarsely chopped/sliced giving it some bite instead of the softness of grinding. With less of a sesame oil signature or spicing than other versions I’ve had, the natural taste of the meat enriched with garlic, toasted pinenuts and a raw egg yolk was more prominent. Paired with the crunchy and sweet bits of pear, this was absolutely delicious.

Image of yook hwe surrounded by panchan -

Then I was fascinated by a dipping sauce provided for the gool bo sam, raw oyster appetizer. A bean paste dip was also provided, which was nice, but the briny, shrimpy thing was more fascinating to me.

Image of gool bo sam -

This had tiny shell-on, shrimp-like crustaceans in a spicy red oil with sesame seeds and other seasonings. It provided a big wallop of umami savoriness. Can someone tell us more about it?

Image of dipping sauce for oysters -

Cost for our meal came to less than $18 per person.

Then we dashed off to Real Ice Cream down the street for some cooling Indian ice cream for dessert. I can highly recommend the gulkhand, made with candied rose petals.

Si-gol-jip Korean B. B. Q. Restaurant (no name on the building)
3258 El Camino Real
Santa Clara
Open 7 days, 11am to 11pm

Real Ice Cream/Olety’s Chaat Corner
3077 El Camino Real
Santa Clara

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