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Why oh why is the Chow tour hiding?


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Why oh why is the Chow tour hiding?

rose water | Dec 23, 2006 01:15 AM

There used to be a link to the Chow Tour at the bottom of every Chowhound page. And though I missed the disappearance of this little link, I am feeling (and lamenting) its absence. I've been crossing over to the side to try to find the chow tour, but can never find it there.

I now have it bookmarked, but the chow tour dispatches are such a pleasure to read that it really should be more prominent.

To give a small sample (from ): "As soon as I confronted the small, pretentious brick of bread, which seemed to not only lack flavor, but to possess a sort of negative flavor that actually draws quality OUT of the eater, I should have run like the wind."

It's brilliant stuff. It breaks through the layers of fatigue and stress that engulf me these days. Please don't hide it.

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