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Limster | Apr 4, 2006 01:14 AM

Some recent eats:

*Mission Bar and Grill, Longwood Area, Boston
A satisfying fish (moist, crispy and hearty batter) with passable chips.

*Cindy's Planet, near Chinatown (on Hudson Street past Kneeland)
Good green tea flavour on the green tea boba, nice foam on top, satisfying tapioca balls, but could be blended more to smoothen out the small chips of ice. Pretty good spring roll, very crispy,filled iwth cabbage and carrots.

*May's Bakery (also around the same area)
Nice dumpling with chunk of jicama, pork and scallions. Somewhat thick skin, but fortunately not pasty.

Noticed a newish Chinese shop selling all sorts of herbs and expensive dried seafood in that area.

*Buk Kyung II, Allston
Another satisfying meal, nice meaty mul mandoo, slippery and deliciously sludgy jajiangmyun, crisp kim chee panjun and little spicy from from the jambong noodle soup

*Chez Henri, Porter Sq.-ish, Cambridge
Haven't been in ages, great o go back. While it's not the most refined and technique-driven cooking in the area, it's very good and clever bistro cooking with sensible flavours drawn from south/central america.

Ceviche's a real standout -- good texture on the fish, rich coconut flavour. Venison was more than rare, but good flavour; the risotto beneath was properly cooked, a pleasant chalky centre to the rice grains (pearly and crispy would be better, but it's a quibble). Steak frite with a and emerable chimmicurri sauce is also delicious. Lovely rose panna cotta.

*Oleanna, Central Sq-ish, Cambridge
Another place that I've not been to in a very long while -- rich soft and smooth pistacchio pot de creme, a decent chewy sesame sweet, crispy delicate filo sandwiching nougat ice cream (flavoured with a hint of rosewater perhaps?). Love the desserts there.

*Sel de la Terre, Waterfront/North End, Boston
Disappointing brioche -- not light and feathery enough.

*Papa Beard, Quincy Market, Boston
Good oozy choc fondant cake that's warmed in the mircrowave. Might be easier to get everything if it's eaten upside down (the cake, not the eater) - won't loose as much of the liquid centre.

*Lulu's Bakery, North End, Boston
Expensive but very good cream filled cupcakes (awesome choc flavour). Love the dense moist ricotta filling in the pistacchio cannolo, but it's prefilled and not crispy enough.

*Volle Nolle, North End, Boston
They sell oatmeal cookies that they make themselves, slightly chewy soft centres, a delectable pinch of salt to go with spice and sugar. Haven't had a less than delicious sandwich there in the last half dozen lunches.

*Xinh Xinh, Chinatown, Boston
Excellent lemongrass flavour on the tender pork chop.

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