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A Chow Fan But May Not Fit In ... Outcast???


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A Chow Fan But May Not Fit In ... Outcast???

kchurchill5 | Feb 18, 2009 07:33 PM

This is sort of a strange post and it may get pulled. Apologies is I am out of line with this. I try hard to follow.

I'm a simple Mom, I work 50+, single, raise a kid, take care of my house, also have a consulting business from home .... and try to cook healthy every night. I love CHOW, and many on here have excellent and very informative comments and suggestions and I love joining in.

I am single, take shortcuts and sometimes I have ideas that use quick cooking ideas, shortcuts, pre made or store bought items. A couple of times I have wrote this in my blog and been told "not to, not in those words but basically that." I also made a point of saying this was not gourmet and simply a shortcut and being a working mom this was a easy short cut to get to a great result. Well the chow hound thought it was cheap and I shouldn't of posted it. CHOW is not just for gourmets but the millions of those who watch Rachel Ray, Guy, Bobby and Tyler and want to learn to cook. Us normal average every day american that deal with 50 hour work days, kids, football, ballet or you name it and get home at 8 o clock and what to do. Still healthy and fresh. A 1 hour sauce or marinade doesn't work so ... entertain me. Why Rachel and all these others or so popular. I love short cuts and use them a lot. But also love the old fashion way when time permits.

So ... why rag on us every day cooks and moms who chime in and try to let people know that not every one has money or time to cook like Julia ... we need every little bit of help we get. Don't undermine our style our or suggestions ... I was a head chef and I do know how to cook ... I also know how to make kraft mac and cheese when needed. Not my first choice, but I have ...

Maybe I am just hoping for those who are sensitive to this and understand I just want some to believe we may like the shortcuts ... but we can cook too and looking for support any out there like me?

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