Need help choosing all-clad pan


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Need help choosing all-clad pan

zaftig | May 24, 2007 05:53 PM

I have limited resources but want to get one really nice pot/pan and can't decide what's best for my cooking needs. I'm leaning toward all-clad stainless steel but am open to other suggestions of brands.

I mostly cook large amounts of sauted or braised vegetables, pan cook fish, and make stews. And I always need more surface area for carmelizing a lot of onions or searing a lot of brussel sprouts at one time and I would ideally like to get a pan with a wide surface area. But the problem is the flame on my gas stove is not very wide so the outer edges of my current large pans (a non-stick generic brand and a huge cast-iron skillet) don;t end up cooking the food there. but I hate having to cook one thing spread over 2 pans. I would think about the regualr 6 qt saute or even the casserole size pan but am afraid the food on the outer edges wouldn't cook. So then I was leaning toward getting the 6qt deep saute pan so i can fit more in, but then i'm concerned about food steaming itself or it being too deep for pan-cooking fish and things like that.

Also, I don't fully get when would would use a fry pan vs. a saute pan? So I'm at a loss. Any advice on what type of pan would be best for my cooking needs would be much appreciated.

And Do I just need to cave and get 2 pans??


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