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Chinese Stir-fried Crabs - I don't get it...


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Chinese Stir-fried Crabs - I don't get it...

wayne keyser | Oct 3, 2007 07:50 PM

Somebody straighten me out, please...

I went to a buffet today and tried, among other things, a couple of choice pieces from a pan of stir-fried "crabs with ginger." The crabs, of course, were in chunks - I chose a whole carapace plus one of the more sizeable sections of legs/body.I checked, and these were representative examples, maybe even prime choices, from a full pan (not everyone else's rejects).

Now, bear in mind, this is on the East coast, where we get Maryland blue crabs - a famous regional food in their own right, and a Maryland crab feast is famous among Chowhounds, but I have never troubled with those because it's so hard finding the meat - I'm hungrier after dining on crabs than I was before the meal. So I'm prepared to believe that maybe the problem is me.

But these Chinese crabs seemed utterly devoid of any meat. Nothing at all in the carapace, NOTHING. And the legs were easy to crack, with elusive tiny shreds of meat inside that the stir-frying had welded inextricably to the shell. Going after any meat through the body section was equally unrewarding - I got maybe a scrap the size of my fingernail, and nothing more.

WHAT AM I NOT GETTING HERE, PLEASE!?!? Do people just love sucking the sauce off empty crab shells? Is there some technique where you work the goodies out in your mouth and spit out the 95% that remains? (Ewwww...)

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