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Chinese steamed clam egg custart

yimster | Oct 27, 2005 10:48 PM

Today a few hound had a short notice lunch were we order a dish something like the following. I told one of the attendees I would try to do write a recipe for her. Well here it is.

3 whole extra large eggs, well beaten in your serving dish the more you beat it the less the yolk will stay together. (less or more eggs depending on how large you dish is or how much or little you like egg yolks).

10 to 14 whole fresh live clams washed and brushed clean.(do not over crowd the clams because they will open and too many will crowd the dish and they look great if not crowded also dump any clams that do not open)

I would mix with 1/2 a cup of chicken broth or clam juice from the bottle. One bottle would be enough for two time. The amount of broth will depend on the size of your dish

Add a pinch or so of kosher salt I normally do not use soy sauce because I do not want the dark color in this dish.

Mince one green onion and place one half of the green and white on top of the egg dish before steaming.

Then place in the dish in your steamer for at least eight minutes after the water is boiling and steam is in the steamer. Then check the egg custard and then see if it firm or not gently shake the dish to see if the egg is solid or not. Then actual time will be trail and error depending on your steamer.

Remove from the steamer and serve after lining the top of the your egg custard with a thin lines of good oyster sauce. This will add favor but do not over use to hide the favor of the clams.

I normally under cook this dish and serve over very hot rice so that the egg can finish cooking over the rice if it is needed. Overcook will spoil the dish.

There are as many verison of dish as you have ingredients.

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