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Why Do So Many Chinese Restaurants have "Fuleen" in Their Name and What Does It Mean? [moved from General Chowhounding]

Chandavkl | Mar 21, 201201:30 PM

New York hounds are familiar with Fuleen Restaurant on Division Street, one of the better seafood restaurants in Chinatown. An internet search also pulls up many other "Fuleen" Restaurants in the eastern half of the United States, as well as its phonetic equivalent, "Fulin". (Also, Fully Bakery in Elmhurst.) The puzzle is that the word Fuleen only seems to be associated with Chinese restaurants in the eastern United States. I have figured out that all of these Fuleen/Fulin restaurants are probably owned by people originally from Fujian Province in China. But what does Fuleen really mean? This name has only popped up in the last decade or two. My best guess is that it's the English language phonetic equivalent to something. Any ideas?

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