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Why are all the Chinese restaurants in Central Phoenix a bad facsimile of Panda Express?

ipsedixit | Jan 15, 200807:19 PM

Are there no real, authentic Chinese restaurants in central Phoenix?

China Chili provides decent fare, but only if you were living under a rock for the past 30 years. Everything seems as if it's "kung pao this" or "sesame that" or that sickly and gooey "orange chicken" and it's evil cousin, the "sweet and sour pork". This was voted Phoenix's best Chinese restaurant? The ever authentic Chinese chicken salad must've put it over the top ...

I asked our server at China Chili if they had Chinese pea shoots (or do miou), and was told no. Best he could do was Chinese broccoli (or gai lan), which turned out to be the most flaccid vegetable I've had since visiting a friend at the a nursing home cafeteria.

Then there's Prime. What gives here? What self-respecting sit-down Chinese restaurant serves egg rolls? Would a real trattoria be caught serving Chef Boyardee? And how can it have chicken satay? Chicken satay??? That's like a Mexican restaurant serving empanada. Same area of the globe does not mean same type of cuisine.

Granted I'm new to the Phoenix area, but there's got to be better than these two right?

Please prove me wrong.

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