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Chinese Fusion Oatmeal @ Go Bistro | Terminal 1, SFO

Melanie Wong | Feb 27, 201811:39 PM    

When my Southwest flight was cancelled this morning and I was rebooked to depart 2 hours later, I had time for a sit-down breakfast. I tried Go Bistro that offers table service and a full bar in Terminal 1.

I was intrigued by the Chinese fusion oatmeal, $11.99, listed on the menu made in a savory version with chicken broth, grilled chicken, scallions and crispy wonton strips because that's how my mother cooked oatmeal for us. Brought up with this, I would find oatmeal cooked in plain water served with milk and brown sugar pretty unpalatable the first time I tried it as a kid.

As you can see from the photo, it looked like a bowl of jook or arroz caldo served with fresh fruit on the side. And that's pretty much what it tasted like but with extra roughage from the oats. This was a bit on the salty side from too much chicken base, but other than that I was happy with my choice and the chance to revisit a childhood memory.

Service was quick and efficient. I'd asked and been told that this oatmeal would take 10 to 15 minutes to come out, but it hit the table in less than ten minutes. It was pretty amazing that I could be in and out of here in less than 30 minutes.

Menu – gobistrosfo.com

Go Bistro
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