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Chinese dinner for my friend, man of 1000 allergies?


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Chinese dinner for my friend, man of 1000 allergies?

Brian S | Nov 30, 2005 11:00 AM

I've boasted to a lot of my California friends about the wonderful Chinese food you can find here, the Chinatown restaurants with menus written in Chinese only, the lovely earthenware casseroles bubbling full with delightful food. I've offered to get any one of them the best meal ever, and now one of them is flying from Los Angeles. The problem is, I've just learned he is allergic to everything. He wrote:

"I like Oriental food--Chinese, Japanese, Thai,
etc.--but I have to be very careful. I have a lot of
allergies. The most serious of them are to garlic
(which I have to avoid completely), onions, and
other spicy foods. I can't eat fish (except shell
fish), eggplant, peppers, eggs (O.K. in baked
goods), carrots, soft cheeses, etc. This should
be enough to give you an idea. The spicy stuff
is the most problematical. I can usually work
around the other things once I see a menu."

I should add that as far as I know none of his allergies is life-threatening. If there's garlic in the food, he can taste it, stop eating, and not die. Still, where can I take him? Cantonese-Hong Kong restaurants, my favorite, seem to put garlic in everything, though cantonese food is not spicy. And their piece de fish. They love eggplant and onions too. Thai food and Sichuanese food doesnt use garlic or onions but is very spicy. Perhaps we can have a note written in Chinese, saying I am allergic to garlic, etc, please prepare my food without it. The menus provide little clue, and many are written in Chinese, but in any case they won't specify garlic. And my Chinese just isn't good enough to say more than "he doesn't want spicy food" Any suggestions, preferably in Chinatown?

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