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Chinese Baked Goods [Split from Ontario]

Fredster | Oct 10, 200602:07 AM

[This thread has been split from this thread on the Ontario board: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/10344...]

In telation to posts about chinese bakeries on this thread, I really do not think that "chinese" and "bakery" are words that should go in the same sentence. I take for example furama and a few others. All their cakes are bland, bland, bland. You feel like you're eating air. And the famous buns? Please...

Honestly, if I had a choice between those bakeries and Tim Horton's.... I would forego dessert altogether.

And regarding Granowska's, it is a damn good bakery. Everything i had from there was always fresh, flavourful and just the right amount of ooomph...

Quite a few other bakeries are not as refined and need way more polish! Ok, I had to say it...

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