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Chinese Baijiu

Flaco | Jan 11, 2009 08:01 AM

While at Congee Bowery last night I had a very ying yang experience with this liquor. While waiting at the bar I asked for some good baijiu... I had heard that the brand Maotai was decent. What they offered me and my wife was the last two shots from a green bottle with a red cap, the color scheme of the label was red and blue with a red star at the top. The bartender said that this was a very popular brand in Bejing and someone had brought it in as a gift. The liquor was very strong, seemed rice based with little after taste much like vodka. Wanting more, I asked if something similar could be found and brought to our table. The manager made a couple of calls and lo and behold a bottle of "Wuliangye Chinese famous Liquor" appears at our table. This one was awful, and I understood all the poor experiences of baijiu that I had read about. This baijiu was distilled from sorghum, wheat, corn and rice and tasted like paint thinner. To top it off, they charged me 45 bucks! Dumb gweilo mistake I know. Anyway, I kept the good green bottle all in Chinese and I hope to take it around Chinatown and find another. Any help on this quest would be greatly appreciated!

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