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Chicken stock + vegetable soup =/= "vegetarian"?


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Chicken stock + vegetable soup =/= "vegetarian"?

ipsedixit | Apr 27, 2009 10:07 AM

This thread about how Aida (of "Ask Aida") made a vegetarian dish using chicken stock, , got me thinking.

What does "vegetarian" mean to you?

Not talking about Vegan, per se.

Some folks in that thread above suggest that there's no way eating chicken would constitute "vegetarian". Well, that's probably true, but is chicken STOCK really eating chicken?

That's what Aida was using for her vegetarian soup -- chicken stock, not chunks of chicken meat.

Seriously, if vegetarians can stomach things like cheese and butter, what's wrong with chicken stock (or broth)? You're really not eating chicken when consuming stock, but rather only the essence, or flavor, of the chicken.


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