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Looking for a whole chicken, complete with head and feet intact

flonie | Jan 5, 201411:19 PM


I think this may be more for asian chowhounders. We celebrate chinese folk religion (I never knew that was a religion until a few years ago). For years I thought we were buddhists, then taoists but turns out it's chinese folk religion. We've never really talked about the religious aspects, and things we practice are more cultural (food, offerings).

For ceremonial offerings we always get the whole chicken (within the chinese culture, having the whole chicken including head and feet symbolize a good beginning a good end, it's a philosophy).

Anyways, it's been really hard finding whole chickens intact in Chinatown and really in asian grocers. Long time ago we could get them at Kensington market where they slaughtered them fresh. Now when we get them the necks are all out of tact and sometimes the necks are broken. If anyone is familiar with poultry practices, they say this is the more humane way of slaughtering the chickens but is that true?

Does anyone know where I can find whole chickens like the ones I've described? We get old chickens as opposed to young chickens.

Gone to T&T and other places and it's hard to come by when they aren't all mutilated. I'm guessing the GTA doesn't have alot of buddhists or taoists that celebrate offerings during festivals?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


T&T Supermarket
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