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Won't You Be My (Chef/Foodie) Neighbor?


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Won't You Be My (Chef/Foodie) Neighbor?

cayjohan | Oct 23, 2008 09:35 AM

The For Sale sign is up and there have been trailers and vans. My neighbor, a nationally known chef and foodie is moving. I don't really know the guy other than the front yard exchange of "Hey, how ya doin'?" with a chin jerk. As the Hub and I were being our usual what-are-the-neighbors-doing selves, we started thinking about what other foodie type we'd like to buy the house.

Who would we want as a neighbor? Well...

Rick Bayless. He might understand our crazy yard, general mindset, and he seems (from his PBS show) to have fun parties. Maybe a neighbor would be invited. (Or could foist herself upon the invite list.)

Jacques Pepin. I want him to be my favorite uncle. (Can one be adopted this late in life?) And as a neighbor? I'd go visit with baked goods just to hear him pronounce "emulsify" as "emoolthify."

There's two of my candidates. What chef/foodie would be your neighbor of choice?

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