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Chef Academy on Bravo

AmblerGirl | Nov 28, 2009 03:41 AM

I'm surprised that no one has posted about this show yet. It's another in the line of reality cooking shows on Bravo. It's absolutely terrible, but I'm a sucker for cooking shows, no matter how bad so I'm hooked. Along the lines of Hell's Kitchen it it totally edited for drama. They picked a group of "students" purely based on their personality/TV persona, there are only maybe one or two that seem to be able to cook. I mean "The Porn Star", "The OC Housewife", etc. Ugh. Though the chef actually does show some good recipes/techniques (I'm dying to try making that carmel basket).

Though as bad as it is nothing, and I do mean nothing, is as bad as The Naughty Kitchen. Worst Show Ever! And yes I am hooked on that too :)

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