Cheese wrapped in leaves or rolled in herbs


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Cheese wrapped in leaves or rolled in herbs

rworange | Jun 6, 2005 10:07 PM

What is your favorite cheese wrapped in leaves or rolled in herbs where the coting makes a difference in taste.

I recently tried a goat cheese called O'Banon from Capriole that was wrapped in bourbon soaked chestnut leaves. I don't know if it was the bourbon or the leaves, but the cheese had a wonderful flavor.

I don't think the leaves wraprinng the Spanish blue called Valdeon give any special flavor. The same for a local cheese call St Pat from Cowgirl Creamery which is wrapped in nettles. It looks pretty though.

In England I once had Garlic Yarg which is wrapped in wild garlic and does mildly give the cheese a flavor of garlic.

Fleur Vert is a nice goat cheese with herb/juimper berry coating that has the juniper flavor.

Any others to look for?

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