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New cheese shop in the Marais near St Paul

RandyB | Dec 5, 201309:36 AM

Three months ago, a new cheese shop opened at 97 rue St. Antoine near the St. Paul metro. It is Laurent Dubois, which also has locations in the 5th and 15th. A Dubois et fils, with some as yet unknown relationship, is in the 17th.

This shop could test my loyalty to the much more distant (for me) Alléosse. However, the latter does have two large caves to affiner the fromage, so maybe they sell more perfectly ripened or aged cheeses.

In any case, Dubois has some of my favs that I usually go to Alléosse for. For example, the hard to find Cabri-Ariègois, a Mont d'Or-like chêvre .However, Dubois only has that one "sometimes." Alléosse has it whenever it's in season. They claim to have some connection with the producer so usually have first dibs.

In another thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/923300 ,
ptitpois raved about a coulommiers aux noix available at the Dubois et Fils branch in the 17th. The walnuts are chopped and mixed with mascarpone before being sandwiched between the two halves of coulommiers.

The Marais Laurent Dubois store calls it a brie au noix. It has the smaller, thicker shape of a petit brie, i.e., a coulommiers. 39 euros a kilo.

I have to warn all. Do NOT buy this cheese . . . if you are on, or even considering ever going on, a diet. You will be lost.

I also asked about a Mont d'Or aux truffes mentioned elsewhere. The salesperson said the truffles were just starting to come in. He said they should have that cheese by Dec. 20.

This store has only been open 3 months at this location, although the salesperson said they had previously owned the location, a long time ago.

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