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Cheese and Seafood in Italian Cuisine--taboo or no?


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Cheese and Seafood in Italian Cuisine--taboo or no?

Denis | Mar 18, 2004 12:57 PM

Some people maintain that when you're having, say, linquine with clam sauce, it's anathema to sprinkle cheese on top; ground pepper, rather, is the only appropriate condiment (if that's the right word). And generally, I've heard the idea that cheese and seafood are not really supposed to be put together in Italian cuisine. Now obviously Italian cuisine is not a single thing, so there's likely to be regional variation on this. My questions therefore are: *Is* the cheese-seafood combo a general Italian taboo? (This strikes me as quite unlikely.) Is the no-cheese-with-seafood principle specific to some regions? Is cheese and seafood orthodox in some regions? Or is it not really a regional matter, but more a matter of what's traditional for a given dish? If it is a dish-by-dish thing, what are some examples of where it's OK and where it's not?

For my part, it *does* seem inappropriate to me to put cheese on top of a dish of linguine with clam sauce. But then I have come across recipes for that dish that have a little cheese mixed in (rather than on top), and it doesn't sound so wrong that way. In short, I'm a little bewildered.

Hopefully your responses will provide some clarity, or at least some validation of my bewilderment.

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