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MIKELOCK34 | May 29, 200812:47 PM

We try many different types of cheeses each year while we are traveling and at home. We started keeping some of our cheese notes recently. Here are some of our personal opinions on the cheeses that we have tried so far this year along with the approximate price that we paid for them:

Mahon: Firm yellowish cheese. Smooth creamy texture. Cow's milk. Made on Menorca in Spain. Wonderful rich flavor. This tastes to me like a super power, super refined puffed Cheetos. Very pleasant mild tang. Slightly sweet. Good with fruit. Would recommend to anyone. $13.79/lb.

Keen's Cheddar: Hard yellow cheese. Slightly grainy texture. Fresian cow's milk. England. Extremely grassy on the nose. Strong tangy bite. Great cheddar. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a strong bite to their cheddar. Everyone should try this once though. $21.00/lb

Baigura Farmhouse: Firm yellow cheese. Grainy texture. Raw sheeps milk. France. Very musty on the nose. Very Earthy taste. Slight nuttiness on the finish. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys powerful musty flavored cheese. $17.00/lb

Fromage De Meaux-Rouzaire: (Brie De Meaux) Very soft yellowish cheese. Liquid at room temperature. Cow's milk. France. Extremely nutty and grassy on the nose. Garlic and mushroom components on tasting. Very tangy finish. Powerful flavors for a Brie. Would recommend to someone who wants to try a strong Brie. Would recommend to someone who enjoys strong, full flavored tangy cheese. $15.00/lb

Trifulin: Soft whitish cheese with dark specks (truffles). Almost liquid at room temperature. Cow and goat's milk. Italy. Powerful musty garlic scent on the nose. Strong garlic component on taste. Strong grassy component. Slight putrescence. Would recommend to someone who enjoys a full flavored grassy cheese. $28.00

Tomme De Savoie: Slightly firm yellowish cheese. Raw cow's milk. France. Wonderful sweet praline scent on the nose. Wonderful nutty flavor. Would recommend this to anyone. $13.00/lb

Cave Aged Emmenthaler: Firm yellow cheese. Slightly grainy texture. Raw cow's milk. Switzerland. Pleasant sweet, mildly grassy scent and flavor. Sweet nuttiness on the finish. Would recommend to anyone. $12.00/lb

Abbaye de Bel'Loc: Very firm whitish/brownish cheese. Very musty/grassy on the nose. Smooth texture. Raw milk of the Red-Nosed Manech Sheep. Benedictine Monastary in Aquitane France. Wonderful sweet, nutty, fruity taste. Pleasant sweet finish. The taste is very different from the scent. Would recommend to anyone. $23.00/lb

Tomme De Chevre Et Brebis: Firm whitish cheese. Wonderful, powerful roasted sugared pecans on the nose. Smooth, slightly dry texture. Goat and sheep's milk. France. Pleasant slightly dry fruitiness. Slightly nutty, sweet finish. Would recommend to anyone. $18.00/lb

Castelinhos: Soft yellow cheese. Scent of freshly cut sweet wood and blueberries. Very smooth creamy texture. Cow's milk. Portugal. Wonderful sweet fruity taste. Not too fruity. Would recommend to anyone. $10.00/lb

Epoisses De Bourgogne: Soft yellow cheese. Almost liquid at room temperature. Very rich. Cow's milk. France. Pungent musty, roast meat on the nose. Very complex flavor. Starts very sweet, changing to very salty, changing to tangy slightly musty flavor. Tangy, slightly sweet finish. Would recommend to someone who has an adventurous cheese palate. $17.00/9 oz wheel.

Appenzeller Extra: Aged six months before cutting. Firm white cheese. Cow's milk. Very pleasant flavor. Slightly fruity taste reminiscent of wine. Great on crackers or with food. Goes very well with fresh squeezed orange juice. We would reccomend this to anyone. $14.00/lb.

Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog: Made in California by cheesemaker Mary Keehn. Soft blue cheese. Wonderful, pleasant Humbolt Fog. We would reccomend this to anyone. Very good blue for blue novices. Mild blue flavor. $18.00/lb.

Roccheta: Soft white cheese. Very pleasant slightly grainy texture. Made from sheep, cow and goat milks. Made in Piedmont. Very pleasant slightly sweet flavor. We would recommend this to anyone. Is great on crackers or with berries and many fruits. We really like this one. $16.00/lb.

Valdeon Blue: Spain. Firm blue cheese. Often labeled as Cabrales in the States, though they are not the same. Cow and goat milks. Tastes like meat with a chemical element added. We would only reccomend this one to someone who enjoys blue cheese and is open to new tastes. We enjoy it on crackers. $15.00/lb.

Vacherin Fribourgeois: Switzerland. Hard white. Cow's milk. Mild nutty flavor. Pleasant, smooth texture. Good on crackers or with fruit or with salad. We would reccomend this one to anyone. $13.00/lb.

Carr Valley Billy Goat Blue: La Valle, Wisconsin. Firm blue. Goat's milk. Salty with a slightly bitter finish. Good on crackers. We would recommend this one to people who enjoy blue cheeses. $20.00/lb.

Roaring 40's Blue: Australia. Hard blue. Cow's milk. Sweet, pleasant taste. Smooth wine taste. Good on crackers and with many meats. We would recommend this one to anyone. $14.00/lb.

Mitibleu: Spain. Produced with milk from Castilla Leon and aged in El Escorial. Firm blue. Sheep's milk. Very salty. Has a hard to describe unique taste. We would recommend this one to anyone to try, though non-blue cheese people may not care for it. Good to try for the experience though. Do not plan on kissing anyone for a while after trying this one. $18.00/lb.

COLSTON BASSETT SHROPSHIRE BLUE: England. "Orange" blue cheese. Creamy texture. Considered an orange Stilton. Cow's milk. Mild blue cheese taste. Slightly sour rennet taste on the finish. Would recommend to someone who enjoys blue cheeses. $21.00/lb.

WOODEN GOAT: Switzerland. Beeler. Firm yellowish cheese. This one tastes like a very old, very well used, very musty sweat sock. Did not buy this one today. Would only recommend to someone who greatly enjoys strong, musty flavored cheeses.

COLLIER'S POWERFUL CHEDDAR: Wales. Very firm yellow cheese. This one has an excellent cheddar flavor. Very creamy texture with a wonderful sweet taste. Would recommend everyone try this one. $11.00/lb.

TETE DE MOINE: Switzerland. Bellelay. Cow's milk. Firm yellowish white cheese. Has a woody scent. Has a green vegetable taste (grassy taste sounds better), if that makes sense. Would recommend this to anyone who enjoys cheeses. May be an acquired taste for some. $16.00/lb.

COOLEA: Ireland. Raw cow's milk. Hard yellowish white cheese. Wonderful nutty scent. Great nutty and piquant taste. Would recommend this one to anyone. $21.00/lb.

ISLE OF MULL: Scotland. Raw cow's milk (Brown Swiss and Fresians). Hard white cheese. An "old fashioned" cheddar. Fruity scent. Very fruity flavor. Would recommend this to anyone. $16.00/lb.

Pantaleo: Sardinia. Goat milk. Hard white cheese. Citrusy with a slightly black pepper finish. Would reccomend to anyone. $14.00/lb.

Fourme D'Ambert Terre De Volcans: France. Cow's milk. Fed on pasture over volcanic ash/rock. Soft Bleu. Very salty turning to sweet on the pleasant finish. Would reccomend this to anyone. $16.00/lb.

Pecorino Ginepro: Italy. Flavored with juniper and balsamic vinegar. Hard, dry white cheese. Would reccomend to anyone, though the juniper flavor may be an acquired taste for some. $26.00/lb.

Bleu De Moncenisio: Italy. Luiggi Guffianti and Sons. Soft Bleu. Tangy with a slight minerality. Mild Bleu overall. Would recommend if you enjoy Bleus. $15.00/lb.

Roquefort Le Vieux Berger: France. Sheep's milk. Soft Bleu. Salty/sweet Roquefort. Great starter for someone who is leery of more salty Roqueforts. Would recommend to anyone. $28.00/lb.

ARINA GOAT GOUDA: Holland. Goat's milk. Firm white cheese. Fruity scent. Pleasant meaty, fruity taste. Creamy texture. Technically not a Gouda, but is similar in texture and color. Would recommend to anyone. $15.00/lb.

RONCAL ARTESANO: Spain. Sheep's milk. Hard white cheese. Pronounced olive oil scent. Fruity taste with olive flavor mixed in. Slightly dry texture. Would recommend to anyone. $17.00/lb.

ROS: Spain. Sheep's milk. Hard white cheese. Sweet caramel scent. Has a pleasant caramel flavor. Pleasant fairly dry texture. Would recommend this to anyone. $19.00/lb.

MALVAROSA: Spain. Made from milk from the nearly extinct Guirra sheep in Valencia. Firm white cheese. Wonderful sweet cream scent. Very buttery. Very pleasant flavor. Firm/creamy texture. Would recommend this to anyone. $16.00/lb.

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