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Cheese and mold

vanderb | Feb 6, 2013 05:12 AM

I hope this isn't totally obvious to everyone else but... other than cheese that is already intentionally infected (I'm thinking Blue/Stilton/Gorgonzola/etc...) is mold safe to simply cut off a cheese or does the cheese need to be tossed? I'm talking about small amounts, not a completely fuzzy and totaly covered piece of cheese that hid in the back of the fridge for a year.

Does this get very complicated in that, a cheddar with mold is safe if the mold is cutoff but a brie should be tossed (for example)?

I've always been worried that any non-intentional mold is dangerous, but perhaps I'm being overly safe when I don't need to be. If there is no definitive answer, I'm good with that and will continue to follow my paranoid ways.

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