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Why is Cheese Forbidden in Authentic Italian Fish Cookery?


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Why is Cheese Forbidden in Authentic Italian Fish Cookery?

niki rothman | Aug 3, 2007 01:00 PM

I just whipped up a big unctuous mess of capellini with white clam sauce - delicious, yes...but something seems missing. "Oh, I know - parmesano! Of course! But, of course as everybody knows it's a BIG BIG "NO-NO" Massive injunction, possibly a hanging offense, against adding cheese to Italian fish dishes...

Since it seems like the perfect last step, aside from lemon juice, to put the perfect kick into my own spag. a la vongole, WHAT is the big problem with the genuine Italian chefs and vongole eaters...not to mention every other chef and eater of pesce? WHY the horror of combining fish and cheese?

Just to let you know, I haven't actually desecrated my own pasta with clam sauce lunch with any parmesano YET, but I'd love to know why I should refrain - please give me some rational reasoning to underpin what seems to be an absurd, yet unbreakable, culinary law.

Cooks from every country and ethnicity are certainly welcome to jump right into the conversation, but cooks and sophisticated eaters bearing authentic Italian DNA are ESPECIALLY welcome to respond, as I'd be very interested to learn any pertinent cultural history, folk tales, grandmas' stories...please do enlighten us!


My pasta lunch is getting cold as I type this!

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