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The Cheese at Fast Food Restaurants - Luv It!

atrac | Apr 1, 200810:59 PM

First of all, I know it's not "real" cheese. But what can I say, when I go to McDonald's, Burger King, Jack in the Box, etc., the first thing I do is open my burger, PRAY there is some cheese that has fallen off onto the packaging, and then take my fries and scrap it off and eat them. LUV IT!

A lot of restaurants here in Southern CA for some reason do not offer "Cheese Fries." Or what I should say is the ones with the CHEESE I like don't! :) The ones that do sell it offer it as "Chili Cheese" fries. And the cost factor for saying "hold the chili" doesn't add up for me.

Long story short -- I want to buy the kind of cheese *they* use to make my own Cheese Fries. Where can I get it? I'm sure they don't all use the same company, but dang the ones I try from the supermarket don't taste nearly as good.

It's "American" cheese they use, right? Not Chedder (which I am sure would be too costly?).

Hopefully this is enough information to find someone to help me out. If I could buy the cheese Mcdonald's uses I'd certainly do it.

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