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What's the cheapest cut of beef/pork? Making jerky

Regnes | Feb 3, 201203:50 PM

So I'm wondering what people think would be the most cost effective cut to use for making jerky? I don't want to use expensive cuts for two reasons, I'm cheap and it would probably be a waste of a good piece of meat.

I don't want a ton of fat either, as the fat will go rancid quickly when drying, but I can always trim the edges.

I was thinking of maybe trying pork loin, saw it at the grocery store, like 30 dollars for this massive piece of meat. At least I think it was a loin, did a quick search about price estimates, looks like it fits. I watched a video demonstration as well, doesn't look like it has a ton of fat to trim, just on the outside.

Only thing is, I've never had pork jerky before, though I imagine it would be pretty good, I tend to like pork over beef in most cases anyway.

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