Not About Food 41

Charging more when using a debit/credit card?

Justpaula | Mar 28, 201206:07 PM

I have my pick of nearly 20 Chinese places that will deliver to my house. Sometimes, my choices become limited because I have no cash in the house and many do not accept debit/credit cards. That's fine. However, some of the ones that accept credit cards inform me that my dinner will cost more if I use my card. I am assuming it has something to do with charging tax. This does not sound legal at all. Can someone explain to me why they do this and if it is actually legal???? It seems risky to only charge tax to those paying with credit cards. Can there be another reason - legal or not? I usually end up saying, "Yeah, that's fine", because the difference is not so great that it matters, but it still irks me and doesn't seem kosher.

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