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Char-broil infrared grill not searing

mliew | Jan 19, 201201:57 PM

About a month ago I purchased a Char-broil RED Infrared 2-burner grill from Home Depot after spending a few hours researching on the internet. The main reason I chose it was because of the advertised ability to sear steaks at 700 degree plus "steakhouse temperatures".

So far I've used the grill three times, once doing a rib eye steak, another time pork chops and another time salmon. The results were mediocre at best. After letting the grill preheat for a good twenty minutes or so, the thermometer never got past 550 degrees. I know that the lid thermometers are known for inaccuracy so perhaps the temperate at the grates really is 700 degrees -- I'm not sure.

Despite all the heat, the food never really gets a nice "char" as it does on a direct heat grill. The food does get some nice grill marks but that's about it. The rest of the food looks as though it's been baked in an oven. I do remember reading a few reviews where people mentioned this, but the number of 5-star reviews far outweighed those negative reviews.

My previous grill was a cheap Char-broil "Patio Caddie" that actually made some decent steaks once I modified it to allow the grill face to get closer to the flames. It would get some char from the the flames "kissing" the meat that I'm really missing with my new RED.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what, if anything, can be done to create a better crust/sear? Or to get some of the charring flavor? I'm about to give up on this grill and return it but that in itself would be a hassle so if there's any way to make it work for me that would be preferable.

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