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Last Chance Kitchen-11/6/2013-SPOILER ALERT


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Last Chance Kitchen-11/6/2013-SPOILER ALERT

gaffk | Nov 7, 2013 06:09 PM

Wow, so no recap yet. OK, I'll try; but don't stone me if I'm no LindaWhit.

Bene finally gets eliminated and has to face Janine in LCK. Since Bene royally messed up the beautiful fresh produce provided for the last EC he (and Janine) will have only canned and frozen produce available. They can use any proteins though.

They both go for frozen peas. Bene picks asparagus, Janine takes corn. They're also both using pancetta: Bene with swordfish, Janine with scallops. Tom is concerned that Bene's swordfish tartare will make him sick. Bene is loving the interaction with Tom--"he's my homeboy now."

Janine has a pea puree and a corn puree in individual plastic bottles. Both become "squirters." C'mon Janine, you can't put super hot liquids in plastic bottles--of course they squirt. She almost catches Tom.

Both plates are beautiful. Bene has a duo: seared swordfish and swordfish tartare with a sweet pea and asparagus puree. Tom takes more than a taste: he almost polishes off the plate and Bene knows he's won. Janine has a scallop with pancetta and a minted pea puree and a corn puree.

It's close . . . but Janine won!

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