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Champagne Tasting Party

CCeliaS | Oct 8, 2009 09:41 AM

Hello All!

I thought I'd tap into your combined expertise for a Champagne (actually Champagne/Sparkling Wine) tasting I'm planning for my birthday.

I thought that, heading into the holiday season, it'd be fun for my friends to get to taste one of the "important" vintage champagnes and then discover some reasonably priced alternatives by doing a blind tasting with notecards and everything. I thought it'd be fun to include wines from a variety of regions, trying to pick a wine that would "do justice" to each.

I've never tasted a vintage Champagne and haven't had much experience with the non-vintages outside the occasional glass of Veuve at a party.

After doing some research online about the possibilities (mostly via the NY Times, but hitting some blogs as well) I'm a little overwhelmed with choices and have to narrow it down to 6 bottles (8 guests total).

So far, I've looked at:

Vintage Champagne: Dom Perignon (the idea is to try one "once in a lifetime" bottle)
Non-Vintage Champagne: ????? so many choices!
Cremant: Lucian Cremant d' Alcase or Boyer Blanc d' Blancs
Prosecco: Col Vetoraz
Cava: ???
California: Domaine Carneros
Nevada: Gruet

I'm wondering if I should impose some some limitations, like trying to keep them all in a certain range of dryness, or exclude Rose's.

I've budgeted $250 for wine, much of which I expect will go towards the two Champagnes.

Thoughts? As you recommend a wine, it'd be nice to hear why: what you like about it and where it fits into the tasting as a whole. If you're discouraging me from a particular wine, I'd also love to hear your reasons.

Many thanks for chiming in!

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