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chalky ice cream---why?


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chalky ice cream---why?

chitownhound | Oct 24, 2006 09:55 PM

Several posts about homemade ice cream have referred to a chalky texture in the end product, particularly with chocolate ice cream. I own the $50 Cuisinart ice cream maker and have probably used it 15 or so times now. I am finding that when I make French-style egg custard ice cream, I ALWAYS get a chalky texture, no matter what flavor I make. Most of my attempts have come out of the Williams-Sonoma "Ice Cream" book; the most recent attempt being pumpkin. My boyfriend raved that it was "outstanding" but to me the chalky taste was so offensive I had one spoonful and was done. It's as if I added a bottle of Kaopectate to the mixture---gross. I've ended up throwing out large portions of other batches for the same reason. It's so frustrating to read all the raves about how superb homemade ice cream is when I am using fresh, expensive organic ingredients and have been consistently disappointed! Frankly I like the way Dairy Queen and other commercial soft-serve tastes; that may be blasphemy but compared with my own nasty stuff, it feels like velvet! Is there ANY consensus out there as to why this chalky phenomenon sometimes occurs? Or are other people just not as offended by it?
Right now the only thing I'm making in this Cuisinart model that I truly enjoy is sorbet.

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