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Cha Cha Moon

foodie guide | May 13, 2008 09:36 AM

Had lunch there today - all dishes are priced at £3.50 for the next 2 weeks, so do hurry if you're interested in trying Alan Yau's latest venture - a low-budget, posher version of Wagamama - with various types of noodles (soup, lao mian and fried) and some nice side dishes.

I had Taiwan beef noodles - lovely tender chunks of beef, but accompanied by three huge chunks of pure fat/gristle as well. Noodles were all clumped up together and I struggled to eat them without splashing broth everywhere. I really recommend the spring onion pancake - 4 large slices, perfectly crisp, not oily, not dry, lovely filling, perfect with soy sauce and chilli sauce dip. Prawn guotie were OK, nothing special (apart from having prawn as a filling). A big mistake and no-no was the chilli prawn lao mian. What arrived was something resembling sweet and sour prawns, with a dash of chilli. The other thing to recommend is the Guava Collins drink. It's a must.

I've written about this at length in a post just published, with photos.

I'm recommending you try this, not because I had an amazing experience but because it's just £3.50 per dish. I'm going back next Wednesday lunch to try some other things - dan dian mian, zha jian mian, cold chicken jen pi etc.

No reservations by the way...

Helen Yuet Ling Pang

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