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Please help cement some details for our Rome itinerary!

embhall | Aug 15, 201807:11 PM     6

Hello! I've scoured these boards and food blogs and feel pretty confident about the food itinerary we've come up with for our week in Rome. I'm hoping you guys can help cement some things I'm still batting around!

Monday we're doing Palatine Hill/Forum in the morning, with a night tour of the Colosseum. I'm thinking a nice, leisurely lunch would be nice to rest from a busy morning on our feet. I've narrowed it down to Taverna dei Fori Imperiale and Nerone, any suggestions one way or another? Or something else nearby I've overlooked?

One night (probably Wednesday) we were going to go to a place in the Jewish Ghetto area. I was thinking about Piperno, but Sora Margherita has a cacio e pepe con ricotta that looks divine. Any other recommendations for the area?

Finally, a couple of questions about reservations. Probably a silly question, but for places that are on summer break currently, should I wait until they open up to email/call for reservations? And for a place like Flavio or Piperno where we might like to request an outdoor table, can I make the reservation using their online tool and then ask to be seated outside the day we get there? Or would I be better off calling and requesting the table then?

Here's the rest of our itinerary so far. I liked a comment from Jen Kalb saying to go for some more classic osterie, some regional cuisine other than Roman, a slightly more creative/upscale type place, a Ghetto restaurant and a Testaccio staple. I tried to keep that in mind and think I've come up with a good variety.

Sunday, 9/9: Arrival day
- lunch: Antico Forno Roscioli as we head out to wander the historic center.
- dinner: Antico Arco

Monday, 9/10: Colosseum/Forum/Palatine
- lunch: Fori Imperiale or Nerone? Or something else?
- dinner: with a night tour, just planning on something quick to go, panini or pizza a taglio?

Tuesday, 9/11: Trastevere area
- lunch: Flavio al Velavadetto
- dinner: Trastevere Food Tour

Wednesday, 9/12: Vatican
- lunch: again, likely something quick and on the go
- dinner: Piperno? Sora Margherita? Something else for a taste of Roman-Jewish cuisine

Thursday, 9/13: Borghese
- lunch: Colline Emilane
- dinner: Trattoria Monti

Friday, 9/14: trip to Naples

Saturday, 9/15: free day
- lunch: Cesare al Casaletto
- dinner: I'd like to squeeze in Tavernaccia da Bruno. I know that's a lot of food, but they will only reopen on Friday from summer break, and the next day is just flying home. Mostly want to go for the suckling pig, is it too crazy?

Thank you to those that got this far!

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