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X-cellent x-tudo photo & Americano 24 hour taco/pizza delivery

rworange | Jun 9, 200608:20 PM

The photo below of an x-tudo is courtesy of Dr. Biggles ... that's a sandwich in that paper bag.

So if you were ever curious about what a Brazilian x-tudo looks like ... that's it. Scroll WAY down this post to the end. The pay-off of that picture is well worth it.

The link with more information is below and here's my write-up on East Bay Pizza.


East Bay Pizza did serve Brazilian snacks, but they were hand-written just below the counter and only available certain days of the week. Since Dr. Biggles mentioned this might not be the case anymore, I decided to try a late lunch there and see what the story was ... they were closed until 5pm.

So, Dr. Biggles mentioning “cookie cutter establishments" that send out "multi-colored pizza flyers” gave me incentive to try out one of these places I've passed by many times and never could talk myself into trying.

Americana Pizza is in Albertson's Plaza just off San Pablo Road. The flyer in my mail this week peaked my interest ... hmmm ... Americana ... could that be Brazilian?


Driving by earlier in the week, the neon sign said “Pizza by the slice & tacos” … pass.

Today however was the day to step in that door. In the window was a sign for a Brazilian grocery … hmmm … well, another post on that Brazilian grocery which is one of the BEST places in this area with a freezer filled with fruit flown in from Brazil … I mean there’s whole Acai, Acercola, Caju in that freezer and fresh juices and smoothies, and a bakery and one Sunday a month they set up a big table in the parking lot and serve feijoada … all this almost on the corner of MacDonald & San Pablo … but I digress.

While there is a Brazilian pizza on the menu at Americana, the owner is from Mexico. He said all the workers were from Brazil.

They deliver pizza and Mexican food 24/7 to San Pablo, Richmond, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Pinole and Hercules. I didn’t notice till after the fact that this might be the place to order nachos. They have ten types.

Or you can get fries - nacho-style and other exotic, creative things like Aloha quesadillas (think Hawaiian pizza in a quezadilla) and chicken Alfredo burritos.

The slice of mushroom/bell pepper pizza was ok in those cookie cutter pizza place type of way. At three in the morning you wouldn’t regret it. It is a doughy pizza, but the toppings were fresh and the cheese was good and nicely browned. It is a much better option than Pizza Hut or any of those types of chains.

They might make their own dough as there were big bags of something that could be flour stacked against one wall.

The tacos were pretty good and took a while to make. The corn tortillas were griddled. The nopales was full of chopped cactus, onions, tomatoes and cilantro. The mole would have been better if it wasn’t fast-food quality chicken. The sauce was nice, not really a mole, but spicy and good. The little house-made salsas that came with the forgettable chips had their good points.

Actually those chips were memorable … but in a bad way … bagged chips to which the ADDED salt. What’s that about? At first the brown sauce seemed like nothing and then the spices kicked in and it was mouth-tingly tasty. I was about to write off the green sauce when the same thing happened, the spices kicked in. Come to think of it, the salty chips worked with those salsas.

Other taco meats include al pastor, asada, chile verde, chile rojo, leguna, molida, decebrado, and carnitas. There are also shrimp tacos with grilled onions, mushrooms and pico de gallo.

The nachos come with a lot of the above meats. There are super nachos carnitas … chips, meat, mozzarella cheese, beans jalapenos and sour cream. How’s that for down-scale fusion?

You can get fries ‘nachos’ which is just fries with the nacho ingredients on top … meat of choice … yeah, chile verde fries … with mozzarella.

Let us not overlook the Aloha quesadilla – with ham, pineapple, sour cream, mozzarella, lettuce and pico de gallo … or the Italian quesadilla with salami and pepperoni in it. They also have the more mundane ordinary quesadillas.

And yes … the burritos show that same flair and creativity with the Chicken Alfredo burrito, Tutto de Mare burrito, surf and turf burrito (shrimp & steak) and cactus and egg burrito in addition to the usual less exciting varieties. How could you even consider Chipolte after that?

Lots of combination plates too including a lot of Mexican breakfast dishes.

The aqua frescas are the fast food type – Fiesta. They have Mexican soda and beer … again, this is one great option late at night or wow … maybe I can order in Chilaquiles con huevos or machaca some morning for breakfast … and if it is Sunday, an order of menudo with that … delivered to the door like my Sunday paper.

Of course this multi-culturism is reciprocated on the pizza side of the menu with a Mexican Pizza – Mexican sauce, carnitas, frijoles, onions and sour cream. Yow.

Thirty-eight pizza toppings are available including capers.

There are twenty-two pastas which are pretty standard. The most interesting is the linguine verde – sauteed spinach, artichokes, zucchini, onions and pesto.

They have calzones, hot sandwiches like burgers, Philadelphia cheese steak, and fresh eggplant parmigana. Marinara and meat sauce optional on any sandwich … yeah, put that on your Philly sandwich. Three kinds of fries: crispy coat, twister or garlic.

But wait … there’s more.

Entrees served with vegetables, bread & butter, and spaghetti or Spanish rice can include soup or salad for an extra $1.99.

Chicken is BBQ’d, roasted, baked, parmigana, Milanese, scaloppini, picatta, Monterey, marsala, Jerusalem, or Toscana.

Seafood includes prawns, calamari, red snapper fish & chips and salmon.

Meats include rib eye, NY steak, BBQ ribs, Pork ribs in spicy green Mexican sauce and meat loaf.

Salads: green, Caesar, chef and Greek.

Dessert: Amaretto cheese cake, chocolate cake

Ah, forgot the apps: two types of chicken wings (spicy & buffalo), chicken nuggets, chicken tenders (and the difference would be?), toasted ravioli, fried mozzarella sticks, poppers, fried calamari, sautéed mushrooms, garlic bread and onion rings.

And did I mention this can be delivered to your door … 24 hours a day … seven days a week? Nations and Denny’s may be open 24/7, but they don’t deliver to your door.

There are a few tables in the restaurant with the décor of, well, there isn’t any … tables, counter, coolers and neon signs in the windows.

If it wasn’t for Dr. Biggles reminder that there may be more to those generic pizza flyers than meets the eye, I would have kept passing.

If I were going for Latino food, I’d be more likely to go to the torta shop down the road, but for off hours and late night delivery, Americana is worth considering. And then again … I haven’t even made a nick in the menu.

You know, living in the Richmond area is going to screw me up for life. Forever more I’ll be stepping in the doors of places that look like nothing and anticipating … something surprising.

Americana Pizza & Taqueria
13350 San Pablo Avenue
San Pablo, Ca 94806
In the Albertson’s Plaza


Hours: 24/7/365

Link: http://www.cyberbilly.com/meathenge/a...

Image: http://www.cyberbilly.com/meathenge/i...

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