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Caviar - what did I just eat?


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Caviar - what did I just eat?

Nyleve | Dec 21, 2007 04:48 PM

So last summer I was in Budapest and bought a couple of small jars of "Russian" caviar at the central market. The price was irresistible. Wanting to save the caviar for an appropriate moment, I kept it refrigerated until the other night (both sons were home) and served it with a bottle of (very) good champagne we never got around to drinking to celebrate my eldest son's university graduation a few years ago.

Well, maybe I'm missing something but I just didn't really get the caviar at all. The eggs were distinct - unbroken - not too tiny and dark grey, not black. But they seemed too firm. They didn't pop in the mouth - they were almost jellied. And there wasn't much flavour, even though we did all the right things down to not using a silver spoon etc. I must say I'm disappointed. Anyone have any explanation for this sad caviar let-down?

I looked up the company online and they swear they're a legit caviar farm and they don't admit to packaging small plastic beads in jars to fool stupid caviar neophytes.

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