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Cast iron question - reddish/yellow tint after seasoning?

krysting | Feb 16, 201212:17 PM

So I got myself a set of Lodge cast iron, managed to scruff off most of the preseasoning and began to reseason with a conglomeration of pork fat and various vegetable oils (basically whatever's around). I've coated each skillet with a thin layer of oil, making sure I wipe off excess, and I've put them in the oven at 350F for an hour. I was told to do this a few times (4-5 repetitions) so as to set the seasoning better. I've just finished my third seasoning, and all has gone well, except for this kind of disconcerting coppery tint to both the inside and outside of the skillets. I've got a picture here to show what's happening, and I'm wondering if someone could tell me whether this is the beginnings of rust, something else equally bad, or just a weird anomaly and I should ignore it.

Thank you!

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