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Cast Iron KOs Calaphon 1

Da_Cook | Oct 16, 2006 04:05 PM

I am a trained chef, caterer and hardcore chowhound.
I own 4 cast iron skillets, a bean pot, a chicken fryer and 2 dutch ovens. Some of them are over 50 years old. I learned how to use them and they are all virtually non-stick with the correct technique. Same goes for my carbon steel pans and wok.
I cook on a gas range and I barbecue with charcoal.
Last year I wandered into a kitchen store and picked up this gorgeous 12" Calaphon 1 sauté pan. It had heft, style and beautiful packaging. It came with a DVD, instructions, beautiful packaging and cost $180 (Cdn).
I was in-lust.
I bought it and got ready to join the 21st century of cooking.
What a piece of shit!. I followed the instructions, watched the stupid, condescending videos, experimented again and again, and everything was sticking. It was impossible to clean, requiring agonizing, hand-cramping scouring with that toxic compound Barkeepers Friend.
It failed against carbon steel and cast iron in every respect, which heat evenly, hold their heat, are non-stick (hot pan - cold oil!) plus look better the older and darker they get.
I have an acquaintance, a smug, vacuous food and wine snob who only eats and drinks what is trendy and bores everyone with his knowledge of wine provenance and the merits of Serrano ham over Proscuitto. I think I'll give it him. He'll never admit how much he will grow to hate it.
Da Cook

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