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HELP! Care to give a homemade pizza course for dummies to me??


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HELP! Care to give a homemade pizza course for dummies to me??

Joyce Goldstein | Jun 5, 2006 11:48 AM

I'd really appreciate it.

Last week I cheated. I bought ready-made garlic and herb pizza dough at Trader Joe along with jarred pizza sauce. I used fresh mozzarella but not the kind that's in liquid. This was wrapped in plastic.

The last time I attempted this I tried to use my wooden peel to get the formed pizza onto the stone in the oven. Let's say with some kindness that it didn't work. The pizza folded in on itself and overall was a huge mess with cheese and sauce everywhere it shouldn't be. I was ready to toss it but my husband insisted on trying it. In truth, it wasn't too terrible but it's not anything I would serve anyone else.

This time I used an oiled jelly roll pan. I formed a square pizza after the dough had come to room temp, spread it with the pizza sauce, spread out sliced mozzarella over it (I think I should shred it next time), and grated fresh parmesan over it and put the pan on the stone in a pre-heat 450 degree oven. And waited. And waited. It took a long time for the bottom to brown. Meanwhile the tomato sauce fairly baked dry and I had to add some more cheese to the top so that wasn't too dry. In the end it looked better than the first, didn't taste too bad, and even the leftovers were pretty decent. Just not wonderful or very pretty. And it took longer than I thought it should to cook.

Next time I think I'd like to caramelize some onions to put on top and maybe some mushrooms. But first I have to get the base right.

So...ye pizza mavens...did I do anything right? Let the seminar begin. I am definitely open to learning.

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