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Care for Copper Pans with Cast Iron Handles

BuffaloKitchen | Mar 1, 2011 06:53 AM


Long time reader, first time poster here. This is a great community and I am grateful for all the knowledge sharing going on!

I have, what I hope, will be an easy question. So I've brushed up on the proper care of cast iron skillets (recently picked up a very nice vintage Griswold 10 on Ebay, per everyone's raves on here). Also, pretty comfortable cleaning copper cookware now, as well. I have mostly Demeyere stainless, but decided to give copper a try. So I recently picked up a Mauviel M'Heritage fry pan.

Here's the rub: it has a cast iron handle and I haven't a clue how to care for it when it's affixed to the copper pan? I washed the pan last night, and this morning the cast iron handles has veins of oxidation already streaking it. How do I remove them and also prevent them from returning?? Are you supposed to somehow season the handles?

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