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care of Bialetti Mocha pot, 6 cup

sylvan | Dec 15, 2011 06:53 PM

I have a new Bialetti Mocha pot. I know NOT to clean the pot with soap...just to rinse it out with water and be sure all is completely dry. The limited instructions say it's extremely important to let it dry out completely before you put it back together and set it out invitingly on the counter for next use. Not to do so will cause it to corrode. (I know what rust looks like but not sure what aluminum corrosion looks like but I'm sure it's not tastey)

Question 1 of 3. My question is about the removable/replaceable gasket and screen under the coffee pot (upper chamber) NOT the funnel/screen that holds the grounds. Since the instructions say it's important to let the pot get completely dried out, are we supposed to take out the gasket and screen from under the coffee pot (upper chamber) so they and the screwing tread can dry out??

So far I've left the removable/replaceable gasket and screen alone except to rinse off . I'm concerned if I remove them to dry and then replace them repeatedly that it will stretch/wear them out more quickly.

Question 2 of 3. Also, I've read that the upper chamber where the coffee ends up should never be cleaned as there's an advantage to leaving the residue to build up "like a patina of flavor".

I rinse it out, but how can it be made to dry so it doesn't corrode if I can't wipe it dry? The instructions say: DO NOT ALLOW TO AIR DRY.. So, the instructions seem to contradict itself.

Question 3 of 2 isn't really a question: the funnel/screen with the grounds. The inside of it is inaccessable and never gets dry so interior corrosion there is a possible problem.

What do those of you with experience adise.


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